Barbara Lee is famously the only member of Congress to vote against the AUMF after the attacks September 11. For her talk on activism and women's role in the Trump era, I employed playful but forceful blocky typography (reminiscent of many protest posters from the mid-1900s through the present day) to imply political organizing.

Planet Forward is a Washington DC based media organization, focusing on young-adult environmental science communication and innovative journalism. As in-house designer for the group, I created a poster to advertise a speaking event, altering type to both emphasize the purpose of the event and loosely imply plant forms. Planet Forward tends to prefer conservative design, so I took great care to emphasize legibility in the typographic alteration.
Seen Unseen is a play about midnight murders behind closed doors. I attempted to emphasize this central element of the story with a visually-simple illustration. Scarce visual elements and type were intended to hint at the mystery which dominates this play, and not distract from the central image.
The American University Democrats are a premier political organizing group, leading grassroots efforts to elect and support progressive representatives nationwide, at all levels of government. This poster sought to illustrate the scale of evidence for climate change (in particular that 14 of the past 15 years have been the hottest on record), and highlight President Trump's inadequate response to the threat. Additional statistical evidence for climate change is interspersed throughout the poster, shown below:
Again for the American University Democrats, these flyers were proposed as part of an rebranding I directed. Deliberately jarring and loud, these posters make use of contradictions, as well as drawings and photographs digitally altered to appear more similar to line drawings or etchings.
This poster series is based on a series of adjectives designed to capture the spirit of The Rat, a student publication at American University.
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